Accounting Investigations

Accounting issues or irregularities often require independent investigations. We are engaged by companies, boards, and outside counsel to perform accounting investigations related to whistleblower allegations and other alleged accounting problems. Our team designs the investigative scope, reviews accounting and unstructured records, conducts interviews, and reports findings to the relevant stakeholders. Accounting and financial reporting issues can often lead to informal or formal investigations by regulators, including the SEC, as well as investigations to satisfy external auditors’ Section 10a responsibilities. In these situations, we work closely with the company and its counsel throughout the process, assisting with reporting updates and findings to regulators and external auditors.

Anti-Corruption Investigations & Compliance

Our team advises executives, boards, and their counsel on a wide range of international anti-corruption matters related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and other applicable laws. Our seasoned experts perform international forensic investigations into allegations of potentially corrupt activity, provide practical remediation recommendations, and report findings as needed to applicable regulators and stakeholders. Our team has significant experience in performing risk assessments, the review and enhancement of anti-corruption compliance programs, and assisting clients managing a monitorship situation. In addition, our experts have conducted numerous anti-corruption due diligence projects for acquirors.

Fraud Investigations

The ability to investigate a fraudulent financial event is a highly specialized skill which requires professional skepticism, an understanding of human psychology and behavior, and a tenacious approach and attitude to follow complex accounting trails, unstructured data and records. Our team has deep fraud investigation skills, experience, and the credentials necessary to gain the respect and confidence of the executive suite, the board, regulators, law enforcement, and other stakeholders.

Operational Investigations & Compliance

Investigation needs aren’t limited to financial reporting or accounting problems, and our clients often require independent investigations in other operational areas. Our team of experts has experience investigating other operational issues, including occupational fraud, workplace harassment, IP theft, as well as performing compliance reviews and providing program enhancement recommendations in areas such as trade compliance, conduct risk, and AML controls remediation.